The traditional elements of an outdoor lifestyle are married to a modern style.

Born from the love of the pure pursuit of all things feathered and inspired by the dance with spurred quarry. 

An ever-growing line of essentials and clothing that is sure to resonate with the modern outdoor enthusiast,

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About Anthony Ferro



Anthony Ferro wasn't born into hunting, but by God's grand design he was destined to walk among the wild things. Like many young boys Anthony was truly wild at heart; seeking any and every opportunity for adventure. As a child he could be found crossing creeks with stick shaped guns, catching tadpoles and snapping turtles, and clearing the woods of all things deemed prey. Little did he know, he was setting the foundation for the experiences in the field yet to come. With very minimal influence in the hunting industry growing up, he had to seek these frozen moment in time on his own will.


It wasn't until his freshman year of college in Manhattan, Kansas that Anthony discovered and truly delved head first into what would be his life long passion and purpose. Proudly becoming a pledge of the fraternity Fiji at KSU, he was surrounded by diversity and opportunity. After he became a part of the brotherhood, he was invited to indulge in Mother Nature as it were intended.

Anthony felt for the first time what it was to be alive in his second semester of college when he, with help from his cousin Mike, called in and killed his first Spring Turkey. That pivotal hunt gave Anthony palpitations he had never experienced before. As that Jake lie harvested, Anthony knew he had found his passion. April became an anniversary of manhood and would provoke a ritual, a man's right of passage into the blood brethren, the turkey woods would also be the place Anthony would have his first real conversation with God.  He would go on to harvest four mature gobblers during his final four years at KSU and many more in the years to follow. To this day, Anthony returns to the campfires and the fellowship of the Fiji fraternity - his brothers of the harvest.

Chasing "Thunder Chickens" was Anthony's introduction into the world of hunting which sparked a chain of events known as opening day(s)! If it flew, Anthony was sure to chase it. After the pivotal turkey hunt, his adventures began with pre-class dove hunts in September and epic class skipping duck hunts in December. The primal instincts of Anthony's heart were being called by the winds. Like many men shaped by the codes of the fraternal roots, rituals had and still has a big part of Anthony's  life.

Perhaps the most pressing of all rituals was the annual pheasant hunting trip to Gove, Kansas. The Coberly family farm was home to some solid friendships. It was also home to some of the best upland ground Western Kansas had to offer in the peak of wild rooster numbers. 10-12 Fiji brothers would descend on those wary roosters with a pre finals week vengeance, an annual reckoning of ditch parrots!


Anthony was reliving those childhood dreams. That old stick gun was now a sleek and fast swinging over & under. The Osh Kosh jeans were now Carhartts, chaps and a bird vest. The feeling of being one with nature was topped off with a major-league sized dip of Redman. Affirmation of being a MAN; rough, rugged, an outlaw - Affirmation of that childhood imagination in the woods...


The Fiji hunting trip his freshman year was also Anthony's first time seeing the application of a finished pointing dog in the field. He was enamored with their grace, how smooth and free flowing their stride was while clearly running with a high level of intensity and purpose. The moment he saw that first point he knew he had to know everything there was about this game called , "Upland Hunting". There are many forms of bird hunting, but pairing the process of the hunt with a pointing dog resonated deeply in Anthony' heart, and the rest as they say, is history.


To date, in Anthony's journey through the uplands he's harvested birds in six different states, covering 9 different species of upland game birds as well as 100's of ducks, geese, doves, and turkey. In 2015, Anthony shot the grouse trifecta, (Blue/dusky, Sharptail, Sage) over his 2 year old dog Radar.

They travel across Americas public lands, with their Captain Mother Nature leading the way, and give all glory to our Father above. Anthony hunts for the journey, the passion, those moments when everything in time freezes, and the pristine feeling of being one with God and the elements the journey takes you through. 

"Blessed with the ability, humbled by the opportunity." 
                                                      - Anthony Ferro