Faith in a Gun Dog

We kneel to you Father in thanks for another day, 

As it’s by your will I’m here for more birds need lay. 

May the breeze be steady and our companion's nose be true, 

May the scent cones be large and the coveys full brood. 

Father I pray my shot be straight upon the opportunity of harvest, 

As we hunt public land for this quarry we’ve traveled the farthest. 

May my body hold up to the task at hand, 

And my intuition be that of a simple man. 

For these dogs are servants gifted upon your grace, 

The grin we share in your glory not waste. 

We pray that you humble us with your works of art, 

As nature is by far the beat to our heart.

Tried and true our pointers obey,

In God's glory we pray for a limit today.


Anthony Ferro - Fetching Feathers LLC

 The Heart of The Hunt

 GNARLI … RIP 9-10-2008 to 12-06-2018

By God's good graces, Anthony came into a fine German Short Hair Pointer in 2009. Gnarli was born to run the uplands and little did Anthony know, this runt of the litter would pave the way to a lifetime of passion afield. All liver and handsome as the day, Gnar didn't come from a fancy kennel operation, he wasn't born of regal bloodlines, and he dang sure didn't cost over $1000!  Gnarli, unique by name and loyal by nature has captivated the hearts of many who have crossed his path - often referred to as "The coolest dog I know."  

Well traveled, Gnarli was born and raised in Manhattan Kansas. He was purchased during Anthony's fifth year at Kansas State University, a year more commonly known as "The Victory Lap."  

Soon after college graduation, and a quick pit stop back in Anthony's hometown of Olathe, they loaded up the truck and headed to Austin, Texas.  After four years of hunting quail, ducks, and far too many afternoons at Devil's Cove on Lake Travis, it was time to head to Colorado, the state in which it all came together...

Not only has Gnarli earned his reputation as the cool kid on the block, he has built quite the clout in the field. He may not have the strongest nose, prettiest point or be steadiest to wing, but there isn't a dog, pointer or retriever that will out retrieve this old man on dead, wounded or lost birds.  He lives for a mouth full of feathers and that reassuring pat on the head. This old hound will be Anthony's best friend and favorite hunting partner - always and forever. 

DSC_0174 2.JPG

RADAR RIP… 8-21-2013 to 12-04-2018

Radar entered the scene in 2014 and the game was forever changed. The last puppy left in his litter, he was destined to join Anthony and Gnarli, forming the studly team Anthony calls, "The Bash Brothers".

Radar is that rare specimen you come across maybe once or twice in a lifetime. Ancestors with multiple FC and HOF tags and no shortage of high end blood (Clown, Raw Hide and City Slick), radar exemplifies excellence in the field. He's got those long legs that produce a huge gate, with a nose that even the most savvy of game birds can't out play. Radar is truly the Bobby Fischer of uplanding.

A natural when it comes to steady to wing and to shot, the kid is a dream to watch. Often times, leaving grown men giggling like school girls. It's a pure pleasure, watching young Radar paint such a wonderful story.

God willing, Radar will roam confidently next to his fathers side for many sunrises and sunsets to come, a mouth full of feathers and heart full of happiness.